Paint & Sundries

Finding the right shade of beige for your home or office requires a specialist to assist and at Fairfax Lumber and Hardware, our knowledgeable staff can take any piece of fabric, swatch or sample and match it to the exact color that you will need.

Fairfax Lumber and Hardware knows that a fresh coat of paint is a simple, cost-effective way of revitalizing your home or business. We are proud to offer high quality interior and exterior paint, primers, stains and finishes. Our paint specialist will ensure you have the proper tools – paint brushes, drop clothes, tape, etc. – to get the job done.

Standard Products

Full Selection of Paints and Finishes
Paint Additives
Surface Coating
Paint Removers
Water Proofing/Damp Proofing
Wood Preservatives
Deck Treatments
Tile Sealers
Wood Fillers
Brushes and Tools
Steel, Bronze and Synthetic wool
Glues and Adhesives
Drywall Supplies
Joint Compounds
Caulking and Fillers
Adhesive Tapes
Custom Color Paint Matching
Tiling Supplies
And Much More…


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