Fairfax green

Select native plants which require
fewer pesticides, fertilizers,
water and maintenance. Less toxic
pest control solutions for your
home, garden and community.

Garden Products

California Native Plants
Organic Vegetable Starts
Organic Vegetable Seeds
Organic Soils and Composts
Environmentally Friendly Solutions for Bugs, Weeds and
Fungal Problems
Organic Fertilizers
CDFA Soils and Amendments
Heirloom Seeds
Certified Organic Vegetables
Fire-Resistant Plants
Drought Plants
Pollinators – Attracts Bees & Butterflies
Pesticides and Herbicides – Environmentally Friendly
CDFA Approved Soils & Mulch

Natural Enzymatic Products For Sanitizing & Clarifying Pool & Spa Water, Eliminates Need For Toxic Chemicals

Our bulk soils and compost are manufactured from organic ingredients with no biosolids.


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