On occasion, Fairfax Lumber and Hardware hosts in-store events to educate our community on all things home repair and improvement from Gardening workshops to DIY Home Repair, and even Home Decor Projects.

Here is some of our upcoming events:

Garden Water Conservation Presentation
Hosted by Kellogg Garden Supply


Saturday, August 6th, 2022
11:00AM   –  First Presentation
1:30PM     –  Second Presentation

Please join us as Fairfax Lumber & Hardware welcomes Kerri Gardener of Kellogg Garden Supply to our store for a special presenation on:

  • Soil Prep,
  • Mulching,
  • Irrigation,
  • Grey Water Reuse,
  • Plant Selection; and,
  • Rainwater Harvesting techniques

All to use our water more wisely.

Each presentation will last approximately one hour and will take place out in our nursery area.


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